Fuck It, Nothing But Pictures of Katherine Harris For the Rest of the Day

We gotta admit: We don't get it. Katherine Harris has everything going for her. She's crazy, she's come in to a great deal of money, she's got big fake tits -- this Nelson guy should be a dim memory by now. But still, all we see is stuff like this:

Former campaign manager Jim Dornan, who resigned in November, said, "She had the best people in the country. She can't get any better than that.

"This is a campaign that is spiraling downward by the minute," he said, adding she should drop out of the race.

Among those resigning over the weekend were Ed Rollins, a political adviser to President Reagan; campaign manager Jamie Miller; press secretary Morgan Dobbs; and other key staff.

All right, we're bringing out the big guns (so to speak). Here are more pictures of Katherine Harris. REMEMBER TO VOTE!


After the jump: Katherine Harris with the road cast of Cocoon: The Musical, and America's Sexiest Senate Candidate IN A CAGE WITH A BIG CAT. We shit you not.


Click to enlarge! Is this like the single most Florida photograph in the history of photography or what?



Thanks to Hotline's brilliant contest for that last one.

Katherine Harris Campaign Loses Core Staff [AP via Yahoo]


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