Fuck You Friday

* Heard on the Hill: John McCain told John Cornyn to fuck off. Despite this, we still don't like John McCain... Obama campaigns invites everyone to the "Generation BO Kick-Off" party... Patrick McHenry just baiting Barney Frank now... Susan Collins drinks with Democrats. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: Can you tell actual Rahm Emanuel tirades from fictional ones? [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Various people roasted the President of GWU... John Kerry RSVP'd to the Wash Times anniversary party, then didn't show. [Examiner]

* Shenanigans: DC Madam doing Nathans Q&A on May 22nd. [Politico]

* Washington Whispers: Margaret Spellings attended an American Idol taping... Harry Reid to use sneaky procedure to avoid recess appointments this summer... Bush now inviting Congress to sleepovers and movies... Rep. Xavier Becerra held a press briefing to demonstrate "bullet-stamping technology," failed to shoot any reporters. [USN&WR]


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