Fudge-Packing the Administration?

Bushs Next NomineeThe other Bush crony called Myers (Julie Myers) recently had her nomination to head the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency made it out of committee, this without any actual experience in immigration or customs. How does she do it? Surely, having an uncle dad who was the chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a husband who is the deputy to the Secretary of Homeland Security isn't enough. US News and World Reports tells us that at her wedding last month, guests "received cute gift baskets filled with White House and city trinkets and ideas on how to entertain kids," as well as pictures of "first pets" Barney and Miss Beazley and the, er, "vice pets," Jackson and Dave. Said another recently married Bushie, "Wow. All my guests received was a piece of local fudge." Apparently, that's what an undersecretaryship in the Agriculture Department is going for these days.

[Alex Cooney]

Wedding Cake With a Side of Barney (last item) [USNWR]

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