Fun with Funding

* President Bush mentions he might be open to benchmarks in Iraq, causing Harry Reid to immediately lob "150 funding bill scenarios" over the White House fence. [WP, NYT]

* Alberto Gonzales orders a pizza to the hearing room, high fives James Sensenbrenner, and makes the "my finger is a gun, my thumb is the trigger" motion in the direction of Democrats. [WP, NYT]

* Legendary European passivity shelved as they dig out the torches and pick axes and go looking for Paul Wolfowitz. [NYT]

* White House caves, will sign trade deals that allow overseas workers two bathroom breaks per day. [NYT]

* George Tenet's book sales make Richard Perle furious. [WP]

* Republicans: they know people with a lot of money. [WP]

* Judge orders DC Madam to stop calling Brian Ross' plastic phone. [WP]


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