Normal Human Gen. Milley Shot Down Trump’s ‘Skull-Cracking’ Solution To Civil Unrest

Normal Human Gen. Milley Shot Down Trump’s ‘Skull-Cracking’ Solution To Civil Unrest

Donald Trump is a big thug. His immediate instinct for fixing any problem, especially if it's minority-shaped, is to HEREBY ORDER people to beat the crap out of it. During the protests last summer over police violence, the police often showed up and were even more violent, leading to protests over the police response to police violence protests. It was an infinity loop with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Michael C. Bender's upcoming book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, describes how President Mob Boss grew even more unhinged as civil unrest spread across the nation. He was like Al Capone in The Untouchables. He'd reportedly show his staff snuff films of cops beating up protesters and demand to see more blood on US streets.

From CNN:

"That's how you're supposed to handle these people," Trump told his top law enforcement and military officials, according to Bender. "Crack their skulls!"

Many cops love Trump because of his pro-skull-cracking position. Those who are pretty sure they are in the skull-cracking business prefer a president who cheers on such activity. It's good for everyone, except those with cracked skulls. They shouldn't have been citizens so publicly.

According to Bender, Trump wanted the military to go in and "beat the fuck out" of protesters in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. “Just shoot them!" he apparently said on multiple occasions, likely while foaming at the mouth. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley and even Attorney General Bill Barr would push back on the US military attacking Americans on US soil, but Trump was undaunted.

"Well, shoot them in the leg — or maybe the foot," Trump said. "But be hard on them!"

This isn't the movies, of course, so shooting people in the leg or foot would either permanently disable them or potentially lead to them bleeding out on the pavement. This maniac apparently wanted a month of Bloody Sundays.

Trump senior adviser and amateur senior citizen Stephen Miller pushed hard for some shock and awe in American cities. He compared what he saw on TV, in the comfort of his evil lair, to violent unrest in third-world countries. He suggested that Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and other cities had become war zones. “These cities are burning!" cried fascist Chicken Little.

Portland wasn't burning. I was there. However, a great deal of Oregon caught fire last fall. We couldn't leave our houses for days. That's a real problem, but you can't club climate change to death. (Or rake it to death.)

Milley commanded troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. He knows from war zones, and Miller's racist hyperbole pissed him off. He turned in his seat at one point, pointed a four-star finger directly at Trump's white nationalist whisperer and said, “Shut the fuck up, Stephen." Stephen Miller might've been a decent person if there was someone to tell him to shut the fuck up every day of his life, but obviously that never happened.

Last September, Milley was concerned Trump might invoke the Insurrection Act, which GOP Senator Tom Cotton had suggested within the first week of protests after George Floyd's murder. Trump also proposed the idea in June, and Milley and former Defense Secretary Mark Esper strongly opposed it then. Political protests aren't an insurrection. An insurrection is what Trump himself would instigate after he lost the 2020 presidential election. Milley argued there were more than enough National Guards reserves to support law enforcement if necessary. The Insurrection Act would shift control from local authorities to the president, which is obviously a bad idea when the current commander-in-chief is a drooling madman.

That's when Milley had his "West Wing" moment: Bender describes how Milley noticed President Abraham Lincoln's portrait hanging just to the right of Trump. He pointed to the image of Honest Abe, who I imagine was holding his nose and fanning his face.

"That guy had an insurrection," Milley said. "What we have, Mr. President, is a protest."

No wonder Milley told Congress this week that he's interested in the origins of “white rage," and it's no wonder the likes of Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are busy smearing a man who stood up to a wannabe despot.

Donald Trump is a monster who should've never been president, and every Republican who still willingly associates with him or tacitly supports him deserves only our unreserved scorn. But this is hardly new information.


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