Fundies Literally Praying For Rain During Obama's Convention Speech

"Doctor" James Dobson's hub of fundies, Focus on the Family, is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Lyndon Johnson and Senator-cum-Emperorfreaking Palpatine combined, times a billion, squared, plus seven. While some "new-wave" fundies show potential to be not quite as awful -- they care about poverty! -- we still have to deal with the likes of Old Dobson and his minions, however muted they are these days, for like another 10 years before he hopefully dies, alone, one cell croaking painfully at a time. Look at these twats, now they are "praying for a deluge to drown out Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in two weeks' time." They are asking for "abundant, torrential" downpours. And they've made a video for this!

This is Stuart Shepard, an adult retard:

[youtube expand=1]

Hey dumbass, that's not "Mile High Stadium" behind you. It's INVESCO FIELD. You know, like it says in BIG LETTERS on the stadium, it says INVESCO FIELD. Fuck your cousin.

"Would it be wrong to pray for rain?" he asks 700 times. We don't know dude? Let's try to figure this out, if this would be "wrong."

First of all, we guess it wouldn't be wrong because it wouldn't matter if you prayed, because there is no God. How do we know this? Logic:

  • God would certainly kill Stuart Shepard with lightning.
  • Stuart Shepard is still alive.
  • There is no God.

Second, it wouldn't be "wrong" because a rainy Denver Hope Party would be fun! Buncha hot Denvernians runnin' around in wet tee shirts, Barack Obama talkin' in a wet suit shirt, mud fights 'n' sitch. Rain = peace! Isn't that like a literary archetype?

Come rain and floods to drown out Obama, pray Christians [Times UK]


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