Funny 'Dick Wadhams' Name Gets Funnier When Placed After 'Dump'

Funny 'Dick Wadhams' Name Gets Funnier When Placed After 'Dump'

You might remember "Dick Wadhams," the Colorado GOP chairman with the funny name who wasbleating about how Tom Tancredo shouldn't run for Colorado Governor a couple of weeks ago. And if you have a really long attention span, you might remember him as the guy that Slate dubbed "Karl Rove's heir apparent" in 2005. But Karl Rove is probably shaking his head in disgust at the sad sate of Wadham's career, which hit a new low last weekend when a bunch of mean people bought and put that absolutely wonderful picture of him above on it.

We are not big experts on running a political party or anything, but Talking Points Memo makes a pretty good case that maybe Colorado's Republican Party could be organized better? Also, the audio at the top of the cruel anti-Wadhams site, which consists of Tancredo and Wadhams shouting at each other on the radio, is good for a larf. Mostly we just want to point out that the domain was only registered last Tuesday, despite containing the words "dump," "dick," "wad," and "hams," which really makes us wonder if the Internet is failing to live up to its potential for depravity. [TPM]


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