Funny That Bob McDonnell Despises Sarah Palin, Considering He Used To Basically Be In Love With Her


On Friday, America's spokesperson Meg Stapletonpublicly announced that Sarah Palin was totally willing to help out Bob McDonnell win his governor's race in Virgina, which is like the "contiguous states equivalent" of avoiding being elected governor of Alaska. Anyway, McDonnell did not appear to be too excited about this, which is funny, considering how into it he used to be, back in August. Says McDonnell: "There was a time earlier on when she was governor when I thought she would come here. But I think she seems to be busy with books and other things like that. We've still got about 20 different events scheduled down the road and she's not one of them." He was pretty sure it was a casual summer thing, is the point.

Oh but so Meg Stapleton and Sarah Palin are being so awkward about the whole thing, really. It is simply not becoming! Some low-level staffer from Palin's fake PalinPAC slipped McDonnell's campaign a $2,500 check at a fundraiser, plus Palin offered to fly from Alaska to Virginia at her own expense. "Make no mistake, the Governor will move mountains if the campaign wishes," Stapleton pleaded sadly, gratuitously. Oh and relevancy lexicon tip: the term "The Governor" here appears to function as an ironic metonym for Sarah Palin.

[Washington Post]


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