Furious Battle Over Which Loser Gets To Run RNC

Once upon a time there was an organization called the Republican National Committee, which was run by competent people like Ed Gillespie and Ken Mehlman. They helped win elections and stuff, until 2006, when Republicans suddenly stopped winning anything. Since then, a succession of nobodies at the RNC have helped make the party into the obscure Southern fringe group it is today. So which of six brave men will get to lead the party into further irrelevance in the future?

Here are the candidates:

A consultant who has worked with the RNC says that "everybody is basically pissed" because the anti-tax people want one guy, and the social conservatives want another guy, and nobody wants Ken Blackwell, that loser. Six people are clamoring for the most thankless job in America short of changing David Vitter's poopy diapers. (Mehlman already called that one.)

Anyway, all the candidates will square off at various forums this week, which should provide some clarity into the race, unless it doesn't. Then Sarah Palin will commit a coup.

RNC chair race: 'Everyone is ... pissed' [Politico]


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