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That guy who sees Dead Presidents whenever the veins in his forehead reach double the "safe size," Rick Barber? He's got a new insane campaign commercial. This time, he argues with his ever-present special friend hallucination (the ghost of George Washington) about all the bloggers making fun of Rick Barber being an idiot -- you'll recall that during his last frightening appearance in a commercial, Barber had no idea that his tax-hating patriotic wraith G. Washington was actually a freedom-crushing socialist who smashed an anti-tax rebellion by whiskey makers.

As for the rest of this parody ad, we would laugh more if the entire ambulatory voting population of Alabama didn't appear at the end of it.

What kind of psychotic fills his campaign spot with Holocaust and Southern Slavery imagery as an ... anti-tax pitch? This guy, that's what kind.

Oh and good job making fun of GLENN BECK, teevee's Rush Limbaugh. The slavery/Holocaust stuff is probably no big deal in Alabama, because lol blacks/Jews, but you don't go mocking Glenn Beck you fucking twerp. That old idiot with the shotgun attached to his shoulder isn't going to help you, either, because that old idiot couldn't win his primary, either. [YouTube/Political Parlor via Wonkette operative "Michael S."]


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