Furry Hunting In Wasilla

Furry Hunting In Wasilla

Oh look, it's a Wasillagram from our favorite Paultard/Oil Spill correspondent, Mr. Garrett Quinn!

What does Garrett have to say? Why did he buy one of those discounted Sasquatch plush toys from the forgotten Winter Olympics? Let's ask him, if by "ask" you mean "posting his message."

Hey Wonktards, miss me? I've been on my honeymoon hunting furries all across the U.S. Pacific Northwest and the Frozen Workers' Paradise of Canuckistan. We were planning on going to the Gulf of Mexico but BP decided to kill it...anyway... Since we're on the final leg of our Honeymoon, we ventured to the Teen Pregnancy Capital of the World (Sorry Gloucester) -- or as it's more commonly known, Wasilla, Alaska. Much to our surprise, gay-interracial furry marriage is 100% legal and government subsidized (like everything) in Wasilla. Future mayor Levi Johnston could not be reached for comment.

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