Further Reports On Our Eventual Victory Are Right Around the Corner!

House Democrats, in their continuing effort to make it seem like they vaguely intend to one day make motions toward thinking about using their Constitutionally-granted power to end the war they all campaigned against in 2006, voted "to give the Bush administration two months to present to Congress its planning for the withdrawal of combat forces in Iraq." But unlike all the other withdrawal votes that no one could get passed even though 500% of the country now thinks the war was a terrible mistake, this one was vague and non-committal enough to get House Republicans to sign on!

Under bill, the defense secretary would have 60 days to present to Congress plans for withdrawing combat forces and making a transition from a military mission to one of counterterrorism and the training of Iraqi security forces. But the measure would not specify a withdrawal timeline or require the administration to implement the plan.

Things sure have changed now that General Petraeus gave his decisive report to congress, huh. Maybe once like two or three more people give congress some more reports, we'll win the war on terror.

House Passes Bill on Pullout [WP]


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