G20 Bros Psyched For Frat Semi-Formal


Well this is just a great photo, right? It's the part of a shoot when the photographer tells everyone to "go nuts." For Italy's Silvio Berlusconi this means "molest everyone," while China's Hu Jintao decides to look as boring as possible and the Arab guy gives a shady, mischievous look, just to freak out Americans. There is too much to say about this, so LET'S JUST DO THIS SHIT:BLINGEE CONTEST. RIGHT NOW. TIME. TO. THROW. DOWN. Send submissions (links and/or attachments) to tips@wonkette.com, subject line "I GORDON BROWN'S ANAL POISON," by 4:30 ET (ONE HOUR) 5:00 ET and we will post some of the best. The prize is an "iPod." [TNR]


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