G8 Summit or Paradise Island 3: Heads of State

pretty_short_for_a_stormtrooperThe NYT reports on the superpower soiree that ended yesterday, at which pool reporters "luxuriated in their own seven-bedroom house, fully equipped with a formal library, a sunroom with a jukebox, and true to their duty" -- painfully obvious pun alert -- "a small pool." Add some golf carts and liquor it's time to just toss the room keys in a hat and see what happens, no? Some people apparently couldn't even wait that long. Andy Card, the White House chief of staff, was seen at the White House press room on Sea Island, "giving shoulder and neck massages to reporters." You know how that's going to end: In a tangle of security credentials and limbs, and echoes of "I'm the leak, punish me!" floating down to the beach.

World Leaders Get a Glimpse of America's High Life [NYT]


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