GA Republicans So Mad Brian Kemp 'Stood By And Did Nothing' To Help Trump Overturn Democracy

Brian Kemp, you are in big trouble with some idiots.

Some Republicans from northern Georgia are FURIOUS, we tell you, FURIOUS, we tell you, GRRRRR SO MAD.

In Murray and Whitfield counties, which as best as we can tell have populations of "Bubba" and "Bubba's cousin's cow," respectively, the local Republican parties have voted to censure GOP Governor Brian Kemp, because he STOOD BY AND DID NOTHING to help Donald Trump bring about a new American age of fascism, by overturning an election he lost by a country mile.

Get a load of this shit from the Whitfield County resolution:

WHEREAS, it has been brought to the collective attention of the Whitfield County Republican Party that Governor Brian Kemp stood by and did nothing

Yes, "stood by and did nothing" is an exact quote.

to help President Donald and the Georgia Republican Party

Yes it really says "President Donald."

in their fight against election fraud and in fact, undermined the claims of election fraud;

Because they were invented inside Rudy Giuliani's asshole by adventurous trickster demons who didn't mind inventing things inside Rudy Giuliani's asshole.

A little bit later:

Governor Kemp's inaction angered Republican voters; many of whom refused to vote in the January 5th runoff and Kemp helped cost the Republicans two senate seats

Look what Brian Kemp made them do! It is clearly Kemp's fault these voters stayed home, and has nothing to do with how they were dumb shits who believed spurious evidence-free fascist Big Lies about election fraud, upon the loss of the most fervently despised president in American history. You got it? It's Brian Kemp's fault. Not their fault, obviously.

These morons would cut off their own dicks just to spite their balls.

Whitfield County passed a bunch of resolutions that day. They passed a resolution to make sure they get to keep America's most batshit QAnon lady as their congressman. They passed a resolution demanding Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger resign, also for failure to sufficiently steal elections for the big dumb orange fascist, which is also the reason Georgia Republicans lost two Senate seats.

And they also voted to censure Georgia GOP Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan AKA "Hot Geoff."

You remember Hot Geoff. He's the one who went on TV last week and said he'd looked at the evidence and determined that Georgia Republicans started going on this voter suppression bender, which led to them passing their New Jim Crow law, after Rudy Giuliani came to Georgia and started filling Georgia Republicans' tiny dumb pigeon brains with nonsense "evidence" of nonexistent election fraud.

We call him "Hot Geoff" because of how he is.

Here's their censure resolution against him:


WHEREAS, Lt. Governor Duncan denied there was election fraud and frequently appeared on leftist media outlets, including television interviews, and strongly attacked Pres. Trump and Georgia Republicans that believed there was election fraud. Duncan even told CNN's Jake Tapper that he was disgusted by President Trump's claims of election fraud;

Duncan said the fake news ON the fake news, and these Republicans are mad enough to put a squirrel in the refrigerator to eat later because that's what they want for dinner on nights when they are MAD SO MAD.

These people haven't just drunk the Kool-Aid, they've deep-fried it.

Finally, Whitfield also passed a resolution demanding Georgians boycott "woke companies" like Major League Baseball, Coke, and Delta, and we are just very sure all those organizations will be very sad to lose business from this pigfuck county in north Georgia, for however long these pigfucks remember they're boycotting them.

These are all really good resolutions.

We would show you the Murray County resolutions, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution didn't link to that one and we don't feel like looking for it, the end.

[Whitfield County resolutions]

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