GA Sen. David Perdue Might Have To Dump Trump Like A Bad Stock

This is interesting: Senator David Perdue of Georgia is now billing himself a “bipartisan problem solver." The proof of such a claim is lacking. He's voted in support of Donald Trump's evil schemes about 95 percent of the time, according to FiveThirtyEight, and that's significantly more boot licking than actual problem solving.

Wha' happened? Perdue's Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff is within striking distance in recent polls. He's even pulled ahead in a couple. This is after Perdue went to the trouble of politely reminding voters that Ossoff is Jewish. Cook Political Report rates this race a “Toss-Up," which isn't a great position for an incumbent. It's even worse when you're on the same ballot as Trump, whose approval rating is underwater in the state. C'mon, Trump's favorite movie, Gone with the Wind, is set in Georgia. This is supposed to be Trump country. Unfortunately, the descendants of former enslaved people can vote (mostly) and they're sick of Trump, whose COVID-19 response has made them sick.

It's not just COVID-19, either. Georgia voters also disapprove of Trump's sabotage of the US Postal Service and a plurality — almost a majority — believe he's "intentionally damaging" the Postal Service so he can win election. Joe Biden's in a good position for an upset. This is why Perdue is ghosting the president, and they used to be friends, a long time ago.

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Perdue's big TV spots don't even mention Trump, and that makes sense: People are usually trying to eat when those air during "Wheel of Fortune." He does show President Pandemic some love in mailers and digital ads directly targeting "core GOP voters" or what will soon be known as Marjorie Taylor Greene Republicans.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Perdue's taking a "softer approach" to holding his seat and that usually involves fooling people into thinking you're not your typical evil Republican, maybe throwing in a "compassionate" before the "conservative."

Instead of scheduling a busy itinerary of in-person rallies and town halls, he's relying on a wave of advertisements that promote his school safety plan, polish his health care agenda and tout his vote for a military pay hike.

Perdue's health care agenda includes voting against the Affordable Care Act and lying about why. He's one of several first-term Republican senators who ran in 2014 on an anti-ACA platform and now are trying to pretend like they care whether sick people live or die.

And in recent weeks, Perdue has scarcely mentioned the hard-right themes that dominate the other Senate race, such as criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The senator is leaving the battle against the BLM Marxist mobs to Kelly Loeffler.

Ossoff threw some peachtree shade on Perdue's New Coke candidacy.

"Perdue's team seems confused to me. It's obvious David is not steering the ship," Ossoff said. "He's mostly been in hiding. All I've seen from them is this lame effort to deceive the public."

He added: "When your entire record is plague, unemployment and corruption, it's not a surprise that you're hiding on a private island."

Yeah, seriously, Perdue has his own island. I went on about it last year.

Perdue also has some stock-trading shenanigans in his past, much like his shady-ass colleague Loeffler.

The Daily Beast reports:

In early 2017, Perdue was pushing to overturn a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau measure that, among other things, imposed new regulations on the growing prepaid debit card industry—including requirements that they be more transparent about fees and penalties, and extend the fraud and theft protections enjoyed by normal account holders to those with prepaid cards. The rule was not completely overturned, as Perdue wished, but it was rolled back.

A review of Perdue's trading of shares of Atlanta-based financial company First Data reveals that an investment firm owned by the senator and his wife, and for which he serves as a director, bought and sold substantial shares in the company from June 2017 to April 2019.

Perdue's spokesperson insists that the senator and his wife "have outside, independent advisers who made these specific trades." That's a familiar line I don't think Georgia voters will buy even if they had a fancy stock broker with inside information.

Help put Jon Ossoff over the top here.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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