Garbage Alt-Right Dude Hopes To Dox Brock Turner's Rapee, For Liberty, And Fairness

Manosphere winner Matt Forney took a break last week from shouting his love for Donald Trump from the rooftops, pushing Clinton conspiracy theories, pointing out other people's physical flaws, writing about how fat women don't deserve to be loved -- and, I am not kidding, writing books about how to pick up women in the Philippines -- in order to ask for help with his latest mission: doxxing Emily Doe, Brock Turner's victim.

Forney, if you are not familiar, is one of Roosh V's most vile henchmen, and a pretty terrible human being.

You see, Forney has decided that the REAL victim in all of this is Brock Turner, the poor darling who just had to serve three whole months of hard time just cause he stuck his fingers into the vagina of an unconscious woman (where also was found gravel and twigs), and who now has people being all kinds of mean to him and calling him "Rapey Brock Turner" and stuff! And that's not FAIR because Forney says that sticking your hand into a vagina without first obtaining permission is sleazy but not ILLEGAL or nothing, and probably she would have sexed him if she were conscious.

Forney claims that he has the right to know the name of the victim due to the fact that Brock Turner's name was released. He claims he is most upset by the fact that some vigilantes have been hanging out around Turner's house intimidating him, which isn't a thing anyone else actually supports either. He would, however, very much like to be able to go to Emily Doe's house and call her a whore, as is his right.

He later claimed that what happened to Emily Doe was not the fault of a gross rapey frat boy, but the fault of the sexual revolution. As you may recall, manosphere dudes are still VERY UPSET about the sexual revolution, as they believe it denied them their god-given right to a virgin bride who would wait upon them hand and foot for fear of being left homeless and starving on the street should one decide to up and leave her.

Yeah, that all makes lots of sense.

Oh, and as I mentioned in the first paragraph, Forney is an ardent Trump supporter. Thinks he is THE GREATEST, and that once Trump is elected, things will really start going his way. I am comfortable with calling him deplorable.

[We Hunted The Mammoth]

Robyn Pennacchia

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