Garbage Connoisseur Andrew Malcolm Can See All Obama's Failures In This 30-Second Video


Oh look, President Barack Hussein NOBAMA was trying to jog up onto the stage like some kind of stud, and he tripped! Obviously, it is time to impeach! Just ask the former lead political blogger for the Los Angeles Times (and former Laura Bush press secretary) Andrew Malcolm, describing the scene in his most excellent commentary, "Obama falls on Florida stage; Bush's fault, no doubt!"

Obama began his familiar jaunty jog up the stage steps, when, suddenly...Oops! Bam! He disappeared. Democrat down. (See video above)

Obama stopped the very public fall -- Forward -- with his hands, inches from a painful face-plant.

Then, he bounced back up, smiling. 'Hey, I meant to do that.' No, just kidding. He didn't really say that. At the podium, Obama tried to make a joke about his graceless entrance, saying he was in such a hurry to see his fans.

But Andrew Malcolm, is Barack Obama's momentary foot-gaffe evidence of his lack of care and know-how on the economy, immigration, and his tacky political fundraising? Sure, why not!

Perhaps most galling of all to the all-time greatest presidential fundraiser in American history, Obama was out-raised by this Mitt Romney fellow in May, the Republican's very first month at it nationally. Not just out-raised, but out-raised by 25% -- $77 million to $62 million.

Naturally, having been at it for 15 months, Obama's money pile is larger than Romney's. But with its campaign staff of 700 or so, the top-heavy Obama campaign is spending way more each month than it takes in, just like the federal government that Obama's been running for the last 1,250 days.

Perhaps that dollar desperation helps explain the increasingly tacky bids for donations by his people. Thursday they distributed a message to millions from Michelle Obama, saying Americans should quickly give money to her gallant husband because he once shoveled her car out of the Chicago snow.

Oh how we miss Andrew Malcolm brightening the pages of our Los Angeles TImes with his constant sneering (unless you are a Palin!) and piles of garbage spun into conservative gold. Sorry, Andrew Malcolm, but without a reference to Moochelle Antoinette's fat ass, you do not win the coveted Conservative Shitpile Award. Better luck next time! [IBD]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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