Gary Bauer's Hidden Agenda

Gary Bauer's campaign to keep gay people where they belong -- in gutters or camps -- has been stymied by the Illinois legislature. Here are a few words he managed to type out to supporters in a daily email today, despite his hands shaking in rage:

Unfortunately, the state of Illinois took a giant step backwards yesterday as the Democrat-dominated legislature there rammed through a bill granting special rights solely on the basis of sexual orientation.  The manner in which this bill passed is particularly egregious given that liberal activists waited until the last possible minute to force it through in hopes of avoiding public scrutiny.
Upon careful reflection we think all the talk of ramming and forcing things through at the last minute outside of public scrutiny suggest what's he's really after isn't banning gay marriage but rather a good rogering in at state park bathroom by someone who will wait until Gary is thoroughly fucked before coming at the last possible moment.

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