Stupidest Man On Internet Shitcans Stupidest White House Correspondent On Internet, For We Dunno Why

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Stupidest Man On Internet Shitcans Stupidest White House Correspondent On Internet, For We Dunno Why

Poor Lucian Wintrich, the former "White House Correspondent" for the Gateway Pundit (for like three days) is no longer with the organization, according to a very vaguely-worded tweet by Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet. It's not yet clear when or why Wintrich left, although Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch was happy to suggest maybe it had something to do with his reporting on Wintrich's hanging out with a white nationalist dude and spouting racist pseudoscience on the radio. Of course, that would imply either Hoft or Wintrich is capable of feeling ashamed of that stuff.

Wintrich was an especially good fit for Gateway Pundit, since he specialized in rants that could easily be read as coming from someone as incredibly stupid as the average Gateway Pundit reader, although it was never entirely clear whether Wintrich is actually as stupid as he sounds. It's a moot question, really, since what he wrote was full of lies and bad faith arguments, regardless of what he "really" thought. This is, after all, the guy who complained about Native Americans flipping off Mt. Rushmore and insisted they never should have been allowed to immigrate to this great country:

When Yr Wonkette pointed out it was kind of stupid to call for Native Americans to go back to Mexico, he doubled down and insisted THEY SHOULD. Which certainly triggered our "nobody could be that unironically stupid" sense. (We'll admit, we could be wrong.) At other great moments in his career, Winrich has lectured Bernice King, explaining that MLK would never have "labeled people by race" (and also loved capitalism); suggested that the Parkland High School kids were all FBI/Deep State plants; and had a Red-Alert Freakout about the imminent threat of "millions of Antifa Super Soldiers" beheading all the white parents and small business owners, then going Full Zoolander on the matter of whether he understands sarcasm. Oh, yes, he also had much fun trolling with the whole "the OK sign is a white supremacist signal"/"stupid libs think the OK sign is a white supremacist signal" prank, so he really is a smart guy. Although the question remains: "Wow, how do you not fall over more?"

Friday at Right Wing Watch, Jared Holt reported Wintrich has been on a longish hiatus from Gateway Pundit since the end of May. Wintrich said it was a paid "sabbatical" for book-writing and stuff. He also took some time last week to appear on an August 7 podcast hosted by some white nationalist guy named Nick Fuentes, who introduced Wintrich as "pretty famous and a good friend of mine." Fuentes has been caught on tape agreeing he's been hurt daily by The Jews, and that bestiality would be "equally degenerate" as a white woman having sex with a black man but maybe he was just being ironic, you know. And also he dropped out of Boston University last year after he was unfairly accused of being some kind of white supremacist just because he went to the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville and complained "the American people never got a vote" on "the fundamental transformation of the composition of our country." (Yet Laura Ingraham still has a job?) More recently, he said it might be accurate to call him a white nationalist because he sees "the necessity for white people to have a homeland and for white people to have a country," but he'd rather not be called that because "white nationalist" is a mean thing leftists call white nationalists.

On the podcast -- creatively titled "America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes" -- Wintrich agreed that there are real IQ differences between races, but where Fuentes insisted that allowing any immigration of brown people is ruining his dream of America being a "high-IQ" place, Wintrich was actually in favor of at least some immigration of dusky-hued untermenschen because smart whites like him will always need some "shitty people" to do dirty unpleasant work, after all.

Wintrich said that "the very last thing we should be doing" in America "is allowing hordes of new immigrants to come in. Not only hordes of new immigrants, but specifically saying we want the shittiest immigrants in the entire world to flood our country."

Wintrich also offered his keen personal insights into race and immigration, noting that while he'd attended private schools full of alpha pales like himself, he also encountered "real shit human beings" who were bused in from minority neighborhoods. You see, they were all very low-quality people with "no sense of social interaction" and they called people "honky," which is a thing that definitely happened in the lifetime of a man born in 1988, you bet.

Honestly, while Wintrich talking like an unhinged dolt on a podcast is not a good look for a place that warns its comments section not to be overtly racist or anti-Semitic, we have our doubts about why Wintrich is suddenly gone, or at least suddenly gone a while ago, as Hoft announced it yesterday:

Oddly enough, when Wintrich was on the podcast last week, Fuentes introduced him as "New York City bureau chief from the Gateway Pundit," with the present tense, and Wintrich only removed that job title from his Twitter profile sometime this weekend. But Wintrich did take the time, the day before the Right Wing Watch piece ran, to set up a website slurring Holt, so at least he was staying busy. And after the news of his shitcanning came out, Wintrich took to Periscope and posted a video of himself announcing he'd "relatively parted ways with Gateway Pundit," smoking ciggies, drinking martinis, and boiling two lobsters named "Alex Soros" and "Jared Holt," so that was super mature. He also promised he'd soon be releasing a new work that would rock the left-wing media to its very core.

We don't doubt the power of this man's mighty wit: when he dropped the lobster into the boiling water, he said he was "introducing Jared Holt to reality." We'll be sure to let you know when the lamestream media collapses, assuming there's even an internet left at all.

And now it is time for your OPEN THREAD.

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