Gavin McInnes Out At Blaze TV After A Week, So Let's Look At Some Of Their Other Dumb Shows!


Happy Sunday!

In case you hadn't heard -- last week, Glenn Beck's BlazeTV merged with CRTV to form an unholy voltron of right-wing drivel. Yes, for $10 a month you can watch a bunch of low budget talk shows that all appear to be mostly the same low-budget show, featuring a variety of mostly rando conservatives you've never heard of. Except for the racist guy from that duck show, whom you have heard of but probably forgot about entirely. I know I did!

Alas, it hasn't been going so well. Michelle Malkin of CRTV, the low-rent Ann Coulter you're always forgetting about, quit after one day. Yesterday, the channel announced on Twitter that it had also parted ways with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes.

My theory on this is that he probably showed Glenn Beck his butthole, and Glenn Beck was all "EXCUSE ME, I AM A MORMON!" about things.

In the replies, McInnes's supporters announced they'd be canceling their subscriptions, and whined about how the The Blaze obviously hated free speech. As we all know, the First Amendment means everyone gets their own TV show. But this was a personal favorite:

So much for diversity of thought, indeed!

So what is McInnes going to do now? He left the Proud Boys, he doesn't have a show, he's not allowed in Australia, he's not allowed on most social media... I'm guessing he's headed for a breakdown of some kind? Maybe he'll team up with Laura Loomer -- who coincidentally was the last person he interviewed on his Blaze TV show -- and they can start their own club for people whom no one wants as a member of any other club.

But I digress. Let's take a look at some of the other shows The Blaze TV is offering, shall we?

Three entirely separate Glenn Beck shows, a show featuring previously mentioned Racist Duck Show Guy, Mark Levin's Show and Stephen Crowder's show. You may know Stephen Crowder as the douche from the "Change My Mind" meme:

The original

The meme

And then we have the "lesser" shows, several of which appear to be hosted by MMA fighters.

This one looks like a failed 1990s sitcom about a gal making her way in the big city, looking for love and making friends along the way.

It is actually a show where some lady named Allie Stuckey does... something? Probably yells about liberals? You may remember Stuckey from that extremely cringeworthy fake interview she did with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Interview By Allie Stuckey


Now, if you found that horrifying, I assure you that it is nothing compared to the abject horror that is News Done Right -- which is yet another attempt by conservatives to do a satirical news program ala The Daily Show. It is, perhaps, the most horrifying attempt at "comedy" I've ever seen, and I have been to some truly unfortunate improv shows.

Who knew Bernie Sanders had a TV Comedy Show?

Conservatives are always whining about how the liberals control Hollywood -- but if this is the best shit they can come up with, they should probably thank us for doing that. I mean, my god -- we do a better job of making fun of ourselves than they do, and we like us!

Anyway! This is now your open thread! Enjoy, and have a nice Sunday!

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