Gavin Wants Your Soda!

Cute, but crazy. Yeah, we should totes go outWe, he doesn't want-want your soda, like, he doesn't want to have your soda or anything. Please, obviously, he doesn't abuse refined sugar. He wants to tax your soda, so you won't want to drink it anymore because he knows best, obviously! Just look at him! And he doesn't drink soda.

Newsom's proposal would tax all drinks utilizing high fructose corn syrup, which experts say is actually less healthy that refined sugar. The City of San Francisco would then spend the extra money on programs which try to encourage people to exercise and stuff, because they're obviously really effective.

Notably, high fructose corn syrup is used in sodas and other sweets because U.S. agricultural policy is designed to keep sugar prices high and encourage the production of corn, which keeps corn prices (and thus the cost of high fructose corn syrup) low. But, whatever. We can keep farm subsidies the way they are and just tax everyone a second time to make up for the food choices that, in some cases, are foisted upon people by the way we design food subsidies. There's nothing wrong with that.

San Francisco's Mayor Proposes Fee on Sales of Sugary Soft Drinks [NY Times]

A Bid to Overhaul a Farm Bill Yields Subtle Changes [NY Times]


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