Gay Dating Site Offers Marcus Bachmann Free Lifetime Membership


Who loves gays more than Marcus Bachmann, the guy who is always hanging out with gays and inviting them to his office so he can "discipline" them? Nobody. Nobody loves to discipline a homo more than Marcus Bachmann. He even managed to convince the government to pay him $137,000 in Medicaid funds for performing these services at his unlicensed Christian-centered therapy "clinic." So gay dating site has kindly offered Marcus Bachmann a free lifetime membership, that he might connect with millions of other gays in need of discipline:

“In light of Marcus Bachmann’s spike in popularity on gay and gay-friendly blogs across the U.S., internet dating megasite is offering the the husband of Tea Party presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) a complimentary lifetime membership,” reports Gaydar, on its blog.

“As a rep at Gaydar HQ explains, ‘Marcus Bachmann is popping up on everyone else’s gaydar, we figure he might want to be on the real Gaydar! With over six million members, we like to think Gaydar is the picture of inclusivity — from swarthy barbarians to piggy politicos — all are welcome!’”

[LGBTQ Nation]


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