Gay-Hating Rep. Sally Kern Gets Passive-Aggressive Death Threats

Rumors of lesbian golf tryst were, sadly, falseThe Oklahoma Republican who charmed her way into America's heart by denouncing the Gay Menace is now getting angry emails from people who want her dead. But instead of just coming right out and saying it, letter-writers beat around the bush with a bunch of doublespeak.

"There are a lot of e-mails to the representative that say, 'You ought to die,' rather than, 'I am going to kill you,'" explains Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations spokeswoman Jessica Brown. The OSBI has been reviewing some of the nearly 7000 emails Kern received after privately telling supporters that The Gays would kill us all before the terrorists would.

Kern has also received angry phone calls from Blanche Devereaux, who wants her hair back.

And, in a depressingly predictable twist, collective rumors and innuendos on the Internets suggest that Rep. Kern has a gay son who is doubtless appalled at his mother's hair.

OSBI reading Kern e-mails [Tulsa World]

Sally Kern Scrubs Gay Son? [Queerty]


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