Gay Men Goo-Goosh All Over Dictator's Daughter, Unaware They'd Be Imprisoned in Her Country


Our dear old friend Gulnara Karimova and her daddy-o, Uzbekistan's dictator Islam Karimov, are up to their usual mafiosi behavior, like torturing poets who mock them. But the much-hated (by her own people) multi-careerist continues trying desperately to gain pop stardom in America. She keeps pushing her groovy new not-on-the-cover-of-Billboard album under her daddy's pet name for her, GooGoosha, to American dance clubs. Unfortunately for her, some of the people GooGooshing all over her (and hopefully all over each other, later) are of the homosexual variety.

This is all well and good. We've all made sad mistakes in our time. "Boogie Shoes" comes to mind. But would these fine young gentlemen in the video above be throwing their hands up to the chorus if they knew that in Gulnara's country it's a crime, punishable by three years in prison, to have man-on-man love? And that homosexuals in Uzbekistan are victims of torture and extortion by the police? Perhaps they heard that she contributed to the US foundation for AIDS research (amFAR) in 2009 and was asked to co-chair their event at Cannes in 2010, but they probably didn't hear about Uzbek anti-AIDS activist Maxim Popov who got seven years in the slammer for distributing brochures encouraging the use of condoms and clean syringes to combat HIV. Prolly not. Because when amFAR found out about Gulnara's country's gay stance, they removed her name as the event co-chair from their website... and then put it back the next day. They must still like her a lot because she attended their 2012 gala as well. Money talks, we thinks. And bullshit makes a dance hit.


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