Genius Brain Maria Bartiromo Pretty Sure Democrats Jumping With Glee Over New COVID-19 Variant

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Genius Brain Maria Bartiromo Pretty Sure Democrats Jumping With Glee Over New COVID-19 Variant

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo has seemingly uncovered Democrats’ sinister plan for retaining power: They will unleash a deadly plague on the nation. Or, more precisely, another variant of the existing plague whose spread Republicans have almost actively encouraged.

Bartiromo, who was once considered a journalist, tweeted Monday, “What a surprise ... right on schedule ... here comes the ‘midterms variant.’"


She shared the Washington Post article, "Coronavirus Wave This Fall Could Infect 100 million, Administration Warns.” The news is not upbeat:

The Biden administration is warning the United States could see 100 million coronavirus infections and a potentially significant wave of deaths this fall and winter, driven by new omicron subvariants that have shown a remarkable ability to escape immunity.

The projection, made Friday by a senior administration official during a background briefing as the nation approaches a covid death toll of 1 million, is part of a broader push to boost the nation’s readiness and persuade lawmakers to appropriate billions of dollars to purchase a new tranche of vaccines, tests and therapeutics.

Bartiromo’s such a savvy political operator she understands that there’s nothing voters love more than a little seasonal COVID. If a genie appeared in the Oval Office, this is just what President Joe Biden would wish for if he was really dumb or just didn’t know how genies worked. Back in observable reality, Biden’s approval ratings dip below freezing whenever COVID-19 cases spike. This is because Americans don’t like COVID-19 — although we do send mixed signals, like ending mask mandates and gathering indoors, even for events nicknamed “Nerd Prom.” When I was in high school, my “Nerd Prom” was spent at home with a pizza and American Movie Classics. It was mildly depressing but no one got seriously ill. The White House Correspondents' Dinner, however, was a likely superspreader event.

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We can safely assume that what Bartiromo charmingly calls the “midterm variant” will likely “benefit” only Republicans, who won’t hesitate to exploit America’s self-inflicted viral crisis to their advantage. They will either demand insane concessions from the Biden administration, or perhaps more likely let the situation blow up in his face. Democrats control the White House and Congress, after all.

Reportedly, last month, key Senate lawmakers had agreed to a “bipartisan" deal for $10 billion in COVID aid. The White House originally wanted $22.5 billion, but that’s how the “bipartisan” cookie crumbles. There’s been no further movement on the deal because Republicans are pissed that the administration has relaxed pandemic restrictions at the US border, which is apparently the only place where they believe the pandemic still exists.

White House officials warn that the nation might run through its supply of antivirals and tests as soon as this summer, when a COVID-19 surge is anticipated in the South.

The projected summer wave in the South, which would mirror similar upticks in 2020 and 2021, is particularly concerning because of the region’s lower vaccination and booster rates. While deaths in the Northeast have held steady amid a sharp increase in cases in that region over the last several weeks, the South remains more vulnerable because fewer people have gotten the shots, [a White House official] said.

The ghouls at Fox News will naturally blame Biden for the red state surge. Bartiromo is already priming the propaganda pump. If Congress can’t get its act together and approve more COVID-19 funding, then the White House will have to pull funds set aside for more tests and therapeutics to purchase more vaccines. Republicans have previously accused Biden of pushing vaccines on them instead of therapeutics (even the ones that don’t actually work).

No, the “midterm variant” is not good news for John McCain Joe Biden or anyone but repulsive Republicans.

[Washington Post]

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