Genius Ways You Probably Never Thought To Cook With Spam! Tabs, Fri., July 9, 2021

Genius Ways You Probably Never Thought To Cook With Spam! Tabs, Fri., July 9, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Lauren Boebert's district in Mesa County, Colorado, had a shitkickin' country music festival, and guess what happened, no guess. (Charlotte Observer)

I guess I missed the Politico "Kamala Harris runs a mean office bad lady girlboss" story, because I'm just finding out about it from Eric Boehlert! (I am of course familiar with Amy Klobs's salad comb, and also a pretty jerkoff-motion Business Insider takedown last week of Mean Boss Kyrsten Sinema, for whom I do not care but MAN was it jerkoff-motion.) — PressRun

Yestertoday's big culture story was the woman who says she is (and the author admitted) the protagonist in last year's — wait, three years ago? Fuck! — New Yorker story "Cat Person." But instead of a big ol' fucktussle cancel culture bloodletting, she approaches the author with respect, and is treated with respect, and it's gentle and thoughtful like the Before Times. (Slate)

Related, this 2016 Fresh Air interview with memoirist Mary Kerr about writing about people and being written about. Also gentle and thoughtful and respectful and INTERESTING! Who owns your story? Whose do you own? — NPR

Louis DeJoy raising mail rates on newspapers and magazines. (AP)

Why do I know the full name of the postmaster general in 2020???

California to pay victims of forced sterilizations. *Goes to bang head gently on floor.* (AP)

Marginally less awful: Advertising industry Are You Fucking Kidding Me harassment stories. — Zoe, Musings of a Wandering Mind substack

Tim Miller went to GETTR and oh what fun he had!

But back to our verification problem: The "official" Frito's account posted a series of absurdist memes that featured a suggestion that users should dip their penises into a Wendy's frosty. The "official" Domino's account is much more obsessed with "breeding" than with pizza (and not so subtly requested that women send selfies in which they are covered in feces). Meanwhile the Ford Motor Company is "horny" and has joined the "pisser army" being spearheaded by Still Piss Kink Proud.

The Bulwark

Rick Hasen PISSED about Sam Alito's voting-non-rights decision in Brnovich. I was on vacation! Let's learn more! (Slate)

Rep. Mo Brooks sure does seem to have a lot of other people who are responsible for 1/6, not him, since Eric Swalwell sued his ass for inciting a bunch of assholes to hunt down Congress like ... horror movie reference, I don't watch those, so I don't know. (AL Reporter)

Rep. Lauren Underwood — whom we love, and you do too! — smacks Joe Scarborough on gun violence, on MSNBC.

Remember when Michael Avenatti was our husband? That was fun! He's going to prison now. (Politico)

Chilled noodle dishes! — Food and Wine

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