allenpoll.jpgWe are still amazed by this. A Senator whose name was bandied about as a possible Presidential contender is now losing to an even puffier fellow whose first name we can never remember. Jack? The Allen campaign is clearly still reeling, if their website is any indication:


So so so much confusion. But nice to see Senator Allen keeping alive the doctrine of separate but equal in his campaign events (what, you think any "ethnics" are showing up to the "Hoe Down"?).

Make sure to head over to the Hoe Down page (WARNING: annoying embedded music) and click on the Laura Ingraham picture to hear her express annoyance and surprise that she's expected to even show up, despite what we're assuming is a hefty paycheck.

And, yes, we looked at the Ethnic Rally pictures. Some of our favorites are after the jump.

allenethnic01.jpg"You don't know what 'wog' means, right?"

allenethnic02.jpgTruman Capote wipes a bit of schmutz off the Senator's cheek.

allenethnic03.jpg"I'm deeply committed to pandering to you. As long as a camera's around."

Ethnic Rally [George Allen]

Battlegrounds [WSJ]


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