George And Kellyanne Conway Fighting Again, About How Her Boss Is Psychopath Who Will Kill Us All

Uh oh, looks like George Conway, husband of Kellyanne, is going to be sleeping on the couch for another week, because they are having That Fight They Always Have, the one where he says her boss (the president) is certifiably mentally unstable, and she's like "nuh uh," and we guess she reminds him that if that so-called certifiably mentally unstable person wasn't president, then she wouldn't be making a government salary for going on Fox News and lying to the American people.

It started this weekend with Donald Trump's latest Twitter rampage, which is still going on, and which avid watchers of Trump's Twitter habits agree seems to suggest that he is real upset about something. Like, more than usual. The sort of upset he gets when Robert Mueller is about to arrest his son, maybe. You know, ALLEGEDLY.

So George got on the Twitter machine:

What on earth is sweet George talking about? Oh, just maybe that Trump spent the weekend crying about John McCain (status: dead) hurting his feelings and SNL (status: rerun) hurting his feelings, and retweeting HIMSELF obsessively, and also:

In short, the president of the United States is deranged. And he has the nuclear codes. We are so fucked.

George Conway spent the rest of his weekend and this morning retweeting people talking about how fucking unhinged the president is, and also retweeting corgi videos, because PUPPY DOGS.

Par exemple:

To be clear, that is not a corgi video.

This morning, George Conway just cold started calling Trump a mental case on Twitter, by retweeting screenshots of the DSM-5, suggestions of mental illnesses Trump probably has:

We are #NotADoctor, but literally all of that sounds like Donald Trump. And look, this is not a new conversation. All patriotic Americans have been wondering about whether Donald Trump's brain is literally broken since before he cheated his way into office.

Along those lines, George Conway added:

Conway's most recent retweet as of this writing is an article from the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin about how Trump's already nonexistent fitness for office is diminishing, because seriously, everybody is talking about it right now. Fucker has lost his mind.

So hey, Kellyanne Conway, whatchu think about everything your husband has been telling the internet these past couple days?

"Uh ... I dunno, I was taking the kids to school. Also I have not spoken to George Conway since the Bowling Green Massacre and we are only staying together for the 15,000 square foot mansion, I mean the children. Anyway, I have to go help destroy America some more, at my job." (Not a quote. But maybe might as well be?)

The other thing Kellyanne Conway did today was she went on "Fox & Friends" to say we all need to read the New Zealand shooter's manifesto -- like REALLY read it -- so we can see that President White Supremacist didn't cause this particular mass killing, not even a little bit.

Yeah, gonna take a hard pass on that one.

So this is all totally normal and great, and on one level, we do not understand how these two humans remain married. However! Oh, how we wish this was just a case of us inappropriately commenting on somebody else's marriage!

But alas! It is not just that. The husband of one of the closest, most senior advisers to the president of the United States, a person with Oval Office walk-in privileges, has been on Twitter for the last 48 hours -- and not for the first time either! -- saying the president is mentally unfit and losing his shit and, at least by implication, saying he needs to be forcibly removed from office.

And what did your husband say about YOUR boss today?

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