George Bush Back In Haiti, And This Time He's Wearing Gloves!


  • Matt Yglesias illustrates the ironic nature of our permanent occupation of Iraq with a special Alanis Morissette song! [Matt Yglesias]

  • Remember Dan Maes, the Colorado Tea Party man who exposed the U.N. conspiracy that would have forced the entire city of Denver to ride around on an enormous Tandem bicycle? Dan Maes' comments were taken out of context, actually. But Dan Maes is still concerned that bicycles are unconstitutional, because let's face it, they probably are. [Think Progress]

  • The State of California is moments away from imploding, mostly because it is "extremely difficult for normal people to live in" -- normal people like Tim Cavanaugh, according to Tim Cavanaugh. [Hit & Run]

  • Republicans will win big in November through acceptable revolution: "violence at the polls." Erick Erickson wants bloody race riots and other forms of violence at the polls, you heard it here first! [RedState]

  • George W. Bush is making another trip to Haiti, probably so he can shake hands with black people and then wipe himself with Bill Clinton's shirt. [The Caucus]


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