• The Ohio Senate has had it up to here with all the humanoid-animal demon beasts manufactured almost every day in Toledo petri dishes. [Hit & Run]

  • George Bush loved waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It was his favorite thing to do with Khalid, although they also had a lot of fun clearing brush together. [Think Progress]

  • The IDF's YouTube channel proves it was actually the peace activists who boarded that flotilla and then shot the IDF in the head, and not the other way around! [Weekly Standard]

  • The Cookie Monster's favorite politician is Rahm Emanuel, because Rahm is pure milk chocolate and not an evil Oreo like Barack Obama. [Daily Intel]

  • Matt Yglesias ate a bowl of Chinese shark fin soup, which is basically the equivalent of using a million endangered sharks to plug up BP's exploding oil well at the bottom of the ocean. Seriously though, shark fin soup is really bad for the ecosystem and Matt is sorry he ate it, even though it was so tasty. [Matt Yglesias]


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