George Bush Needs A New Poop Joke


[youtube expand=1]

One fellow on the Internet is very upset that greatest hero ever George W. Bush charged hundreds of dollars for tickets to his "rodeo speech" in some wingnut Oklahoma town on July 4, but whatever, money is cool. Your Wonkette, however, is very disappointed in Junior for something else, his biggest mistake since Iraq and Harriet Miers combined: he won't stop telling this same exact joke about picking up Barney's dog shit and how it is beneath him.

Maybe the joke was "fresh for Oklahoma," which does not yet have the Internet, but this marks the fourth occurrence of this poop joke (that we know of). He also used it in Canada,China, and "New Mexico."

Wait, when did he go to China?


Why did Bush charge for July 4 Woodward speech? [Dallas Morning News]


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