George Bush Sr. Invites Obama To Texas College, Asks Students To Please Not Be Insane


Most bored person aliveInsanely old oil monster George H.W. Bush has "pulled a Notre Dame" and invited the terrible President to come speak at Texas A&M University on Friday about the importance of Community Service, gay. George H.W. Bush is allowed to do this because (a) his Presidential Library is on the A&M campus and (b) he owns Texas. But could this be a catastrophe, now that it is controversial for presidents to talk to people in America? "Poppy" understands, though, that a few hundred racists will probably get drunk and protest for "states' rights" or whatever, and has written an open letter to the students of A&M subtly begging them not to be complete and total assholes.

To My Fellow Members of the Texas A&M Family:

Howdy! As you have probably heard, I have invited the 44th President of the United States of America to come visit the Bush Library and Texas A&M, and President Obama has graciously accepted.

Along with the administration, faculty, and so many of you, I am honored that The President, our President, is taking the time and making the effort to come to College Station on October 16th to talk about an issue that unites all Americans — namely, community service and its vast importance to our continued well-being as a Nation. Our country still faces many tough challenges, and the message that will come out of our Presidential Forum on Service, I hope, is that every American regardless of age has an important part to play in helping us overcome the obstacles to our common progress.

This is not about politics. This is about the importance of service to our communities and our country.

It would be hard to imagine a more deserving college campus to host a Presidential Forum on volunteerism and community service than Texas A&M — which is, after all, a school steeped in a rich tradition of service. That’s why I am so proud to have our Bush Library and Museum and Bush School of Government and Public Service here, and I cannot wait for President Obama to experience the open, decent and welcoming Aggie spirit for himself.

This will be an important national moment, and a moment for Texas A&M to shine in the global spotlight as it always does. I sincerely hope and believe it will serve as a point of Aggie pride for many years to come.

Gig ‘em!

Hey, Old Man, how about you take your "open, decent and welcoming Aggie spirit" and jump off another goddamn plane with it, Old Man. Don't you know about Obama's so-called "government spending"?? So much of it! Community service is for finks!

Also: "Gig 'em." Does this vernacular go with a Vulcan salute?

Open Letter From Bush 41 to Aggie Family [KBTX via college student operative "Melissa"]


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