George Bush Won't Let Obama Into White House Early, Because WTF?


The tacky "new money" Obama family has insulted America by requesting early occupancy of the White House's guest quarters, Blair House, so that his two children could start school on time (Jan. 5) at their fancy private gig. The White Househas turned down the request because who are these fucking people?

CHICAGO—The White House has turned down a request from the family of President-elect Barack Obama to move into Blair House in early January so that his daughters can start school on January 5.

The Obamas were told that Blair House, where incoming presidents usually stay in the five days before Inauguration Day, is booked in early January, a spokesperson to the Obama transition said. “We explored the idea so that the girls could start school on schedule,’ the spokesperson said. “But, there were previously scheduled events and guests that couldn’t be displaced.”

It remained unclear who on Bushes guest list outranked the incoming President.

Perhaps the young princesses could stay with Uncle Dick Cheney at his house for a few weeks? Maybe he'd even let them "push the button!"

Sorry, We’re Booked, White House Tells Obamas [NYT]


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