George Bush's Extremely Offensive Forestry Malapropism


  • Your President, George, hates Jews and is therefore making them celebrate Ch/Hanuk(k)a(h) by insisting they worship a Christmas tree. [HuffPost]
  • Minnesota will not count thousands of the absentee ballots Al Franken wants them to, but still, without things to count, the recount continues. [The Caucus]
  • The MySpace mom who played terrible pranks on 12 year old girl, for vengeance, was found guilty of several misdemeanors. [AMERICAblog]
  • Oh god, some guy named "Karl" (note the Soviet "K") has actually suggested that Bill Clinton will replace his wife Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York. [Hit & Run]
  • Recovering terrorist Barack Obama is condemning the attacks in Mumbai. He is flip-flopping. [Ben Smith]

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