What's It Like Living With Famous 'Vogue' Model George Santos? Former Roommate Tells All!

How many new George Santos lie scandals are there in the last couple of days? Four? Five? Oh who even knows. The pace of these revelations is exhausting and it's not letting up.

Let's take a look at some new ones.

Living In Queens With Vogue Model George Santos Who Also Worked For New York Fashion Week Who Was Also A Reporter For Globo In Brazil

Curbedtalked to Yasser Rabello, a Florida pharmacist who says he lived with George Santos in Queens in 2013 and 2014. Santos was going by Anthony Devolder at the time. Santos's sister and mom lived there too. It was a 2/1. They were supposed to partition off a bedroom for Rabello in the common area, but they didn't, because "reasons." Instead George/Anthony slept in the common room and was always in the common room, being a Vogue model and all.

He was home all day on his computer, just browsing the web, probably chatting with people. He said he was a reporter at Globo in Brazil. [...]

Then he told me he was a model and that he worked at New York Fashion Week and that he met all the Victoria’s Secret models and would be in Vogue magazine.

So maybe he really DID go to the Met Gala with his very old friend Anna Wintour!

The rest of the interview is so bonkers, you'll love it. "Greg" moved in, and then Anthony/George's boyfriend moved in, and they started hiding bottled water in Anthony/George's mom's bedroom so Rabello couldn't have any, and when they kicked him out he says they stole his Ikea dresser.

Probably needed it for a Vogue photoshoot.

Did George Santos Lie To The FEC When He Said His $500K 'Personal Loan' To His Campaign Came From 'Personal'?

Something weird is happening here. With a $500K loan, a $125K loan and another $80K that supposedly came from Santos to his congressional campaign. But now in some new filings, the boxes that originally said the loans came from his "personal funds" are unchecked. They still say the loans came "from the candidate," though. This is leading some news orgs to seize on this and say "AHA!" Others are being more circumspect and saying "AH ... HENGGGGHHH?"

So did these loans come from George Santos or Anthony Devolder or Kitara Ravache or somewhere else entirely? Unclear!

The Daily Beast has a bunch of summarizing on the weird questions surrounding who really funded Santos's campaign. Aaron Blake in the Washington Post questions whether the changes in the new filings could be a clerical error, or whether something more sinister is happening.

Verdict: Who the fuck knows?

You know where the money DIDN'T come from? George Santos told Matt Gaetz on Steve Bannon's "War Room" podcast that the money DIDN'T come from "China, Ukraine, or Burisma."

Take THAT, Hunter Biden!

What's This About George Santos's New Maybe Fake Campaign Treasurer?

What on earth, WHAT?

Good GOD.

Basically it's as the tweet says. Fundraising committees associated with Santos amended their filings and listed a new campaign treasurer. That guy says actuallyno, he does not work for Santos and they put his name down without asking him.

"On Monday, we informed the Santos campaign that Mr. Datwyler would not be serving as treasurer," Datwyler's attorney Derek Ross told ABC News. "It appears that there's been a disconnect between that conversation and the filings today, which we did not authorize."

ABC News quotes Adav Noti, who used to be general counsel for the FEC, and who now works with a watchdog called Campaign Legal Center, who explains how fuckin' weird and maybe illegal this all is.

"This is a very, very strange situation because those amendments that were filed today are electronically signed, or at least they say they're electronically signed by the new treasurer," Noti said. "I don't really understand how this could have happened."

"It's completely illegal to sign somebody else's name on a federal filing without their consent. That is a big, big no-no," Noti said.

What even the ...

Everything George Santos Buys Costs Exactly $199, Maybe It Is His Favorite Number

Political campaigns have to keep the receipts on expenses of $200 or more. So why did EVERYTHING cost $199, or $199.99?

Santos, who admitted in December that he faked parts of his biography, already faces a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission alleging his campaign repeatedly reported suspicious expenses. Those included eight charges of exactly $199.99 at an Italian restaurant in Queens and another $199.99 charge at a Miami-area hotel where rooms do not usually go for less than $600 per night.

There were 40 of these expenses, Politico says. And don't forget the very common Uber price of $199.99, we are all constantly taking $199.99 Uber trips.

The Santos campaign had about half of all the $199.99 expenses from all congressional campaigns, says Politico.

That's weird, says Politico.

Fuck It, Here's Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy Making Fun Of George Santos

John Kennedy is a clown-assbumpkinyokel if there ever was one, and yet even he is in a position to crawl out of whatever holler he's been crouched in to make some jokes at George Santos's expense.

Nutty as a fruitcake! Bunny boiler! Fatal Attraction!

This is hilarious and Santos's feelings are very hurt.

Oh no, John Kennedy is impugning the dignity of George Santos's institution and he is very saddened. Thoughts and prayers for that.

Guess we'll check back in on Santos when his next 48 lie scandals drop, so this afternoon or whatever.

[Curbed / Daily Beast / Politico]

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