George W. Bush And His Institute Will Save Bloggers, Everywhere

George W. Bush And His Institute Will Save Bloggers, Everywhere

The "policy arm" of the Future, the George W. Bush Institute, is up and running! All of these policies will likely become law, soon. (You didn't hear? George W. Bush granted himself binding post-presidential Papal Bull powers in a 11:59 pardon signing statement.He doesn't know he signed this yet, though, so everyone be cool and shut the fuck up.) On Monday, Bush hosted several bloggers -- "cyber dissidents" -- from around the globe, arranged them according to how Free their home countries were, and then slapped their asses one-by-one with a wet towel before stealin' their 'puters.

Bush, and experts who spoke after him, began by framing the Internet not as the automatic freedom generator it once promised to be, but as yet another battleground in the struggle against tyranny. With his opening remarks, Bush made it clear the day wasn't just about freedom fighters trading war stories, but about laying out a plan of action.

"One of the things I was nervous about about a think tank is that all we do is have people come here and they sit around and think," Bush said. "I think it's important not only to have people come around and think and have experts write and opine, but also to figure out how to act."

Whatever, man. Wonkette is an Automatic Freedom Generator for the entire globe. Don't know what every other site's problem is.

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