George W. Bush Not Our Worst President!

On this very boring news day, let us rejoice that we have the fake birthday of George Washington to celebrate. Ken has already wrungtwo(2) posts out of this blessed shopping holiday, and (SPOILER ALERT) you may have another one coming in a few hours! So let's take this occasion to look at an Official Ranking of American Presidents, brought to you courtesy of some elite historians in the pocket of Big C-SPAN.

In their latest ranking they decided once again to play it safe by declaring Lincoln our greatest president. Pretty unfair, when you consider everything Martin Sheen has done for our country!

After Lincoln you get the usual suspects: Washington, a Roosevelt, another Roosevelt, and the guy who dropped the H-bomb.

But LO AND BEHOLD, observe the more exciting "bottom part" of the list. Our own George W. Bush ranks below Herbert Hoover, the father of the first Depression, but just slightly above Millard Fillmore, without whom the nation might never have known the least funny comic strip of all time.

James Buchanan is deemed the worst president ever, because he was so gassy.

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