George W. Bush Not Really Shopping For Courgettes

Vegetables - WonketteYesterday at the supermarket, while wondering at the price they're asking for red peppers, we were surprised to see President George Bush making like he was examining the zucchinis. He really wasn't about to buy the courgettes, but pretending to do so gave him cover for sidling up to the other shoppers.

It's easier to strike up a conversation with somebody picking out a head of romaine if you seem to be doing the same with the squash. The other shoppers weren't having any of it, however. The President would sidle up to a woman looking over the chicory, and she would move down to the celery. He came after her at the celery and she scooted over to the radishes.


Ha ha, once again we have fooled you with "satirical Washington punditry" that is actually real stuff written by paid professionals.

Today's old-man-wandering-around-without-pants prose comes courtesy of The Nation and Nicholas Von Hoffman. Well done!

State of the President [The Nation]

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