George W. Bush Probably Too Busy Clearing Brush To Attend 9/11 Memorial Museum. Thanks Obama!


You might have noticed some news about the dedication of a museum honoring an American history event, a little thing hardly worth mentioning called 9/11. Bamz, who wasn't doing anything else today, so whatevs, roused himself to tour the museum, as did the Clintons, and Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio and Rudy Giuliani (like Rudy could miss such a thing). Bamz even gave a nice little speech about the whole thing.

But guess who was missing? Did you guess Bernie Kerik? We do not think he was there because he is maybe still in jail? We're not going to look that up. Haha the big no-show was George W. Bush, who decided to just send a statement instead.

Former President George W. Bush issued a statement saying the museum "will help ensure that our nation remembers the lessons of Sept. 11."

Wow. How long do you think that took him to write it? On a scale of one to "probably playing computer solitaire while thoughtlessly and speedily refusing to even consider clemency for executions" we're going to guess this took about 10 seconds, tops, and he probably had a minion to draft it while W. continued to paint some cats or some nudes or some nude cats. But Obama had to go and hog the spotlight for nine whole minutes and talk all about victims because he's an attention whore.

President Obama evoked the memory of a Rockland man and his red bandanna, which has come to symbolize selflessness in the face of death, as he dedicated the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the former World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan.

"They didn't know his name, they didn't know where came from, but they knew their lives had been saved by the man in the red bandanna," President Obama said about Welles Crowther Thursday. [...]

No one knows how many trips up and down the burning tower Crowther made before he was killed as the building collapsed.

His body was found six months later in the south tower lobby — one of only two civilians in a staging area where the bodies of numerous firefighters and emergency workers were recovered.

Stupid Obama, taking credit for that when everyone knows he actually caused 9/11 by something something something or maybe it was Bill Clinton that did it by some other something, but thankfully George W. Bush was not so gauche as to attend such an undignified event like the opening of a museum commemorating the great terrorist tragedy that happened under his watch. Hasn't he done enough for these people, what with starting a completely unnecessary and unrelated war in their name?

That's the REAL thing to celebrate, silly Obama.

[The Hill/CBS/Fox News/Lohud Journal News]

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