George W. Bush Spreads Trademark Chaos In Hawaii

Fuckin' up - WonketteWhile his daughters wreak havoc on Argentina, President Bush spent the day terrorizing Hawaii -- an actual U.S. state!

As Bush left a guest house for breakfast, three police motorcycles escorting his motorcade crashed on slick pavement and rolled onto a grassy median. Officers were seen lying on the grass, and members of the White House medical team -- including an ambulance -- were cut loose from the motorcade to help, said Dr. Richard Tubb, Bush's doctor.
Good thing Dr. Tubb was able to help somebody. Bush's "acting travel office director" was left behind in a Honolulu hospital after he was robbed and savagely beaten Monday night.

The aide, Greg Pitts, was attacked "while out in Honolulu" last night. We can't wait to find out what part of town he was visiting.

Wars Past and Present Follow Bush [AP]


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