George W. Bush Will Really Miss Presidential Food

George W. Bush Will Really Miss Presidential Food

George Bush Junior has somehow been president foreight years, and it's no great surprise that much of the experience has been lost on him. All the ceaseless, pointless wars? The destruction of a major U.S. city? The collapse of our financial system? The cold fact that Americans are significantly dumber, fatter, sicker and poorer than they were when this clod took -- literally, ha! -- office? No real impact on our simple fellow.

According to some weird interview Bush Junior did with, uhh, his sister or somebody like that, our greatest president will miss two things about being president: flying in the presidential airplane, and the food at the White House.

The food, always the food with this one! Our hungriest president has eaten his way across most of the world.

He and first lady Laura Bush both agreed in the talk that they would miss the chefs at the Executive Mansion but disagreed about who would be in charge of meals when they move back to Texas in January.

"I'm sure I'm going to lose a lot of weight because Laura's going to be the cook," Bush deadpanned. The first lady responded, "You're going to be the person grilling, though, I think."

Deadpanned .... Is that how you describe "saying something pointlessly cruel and stupid, about your wife, who is sitting right there"?

Poor Laura was in such a Zoloft haze that she's not even sure what she's talking about. "I think."

Anyway, fuck these people.

Bush says he'll miss White House cooking, flying on Air Force One [Baltimore Sun]


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