George Wallace Shooter Randomly Freed from Prison

wallace.jpgArthur Bremer -- the would-be assassin who shot Alabama's racist (depending on the time of day) Gov. George Wallace in 1972 -- was released from a Maryland prison this morning after 35 years of doing time. But he can't go gallivanting all willy-nilly like anytime soon! According to the terms of his release, "Bremer must stay away from any local, state, federal or foreign elected officials and any current candidates." He is welcome to shoot anyone else, though.

The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, according to a statement, "believes the public's interest, safety and security is best served by allowing Arthur Bremer to become acclimated to today's world at his own pace and with as much anonymity as possible." Yes, he's missed so much! It's definitely in my interest to teach him about the Nintendo Wii, cell phones, the Iran-Contra scandal etc. etc. rather than have him serve out his 53-year sentence.

Would-Be Wallace Assassin Freed From Maryland Prison [WBAL TV]


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