George Zimmerman Domestic Violenced His Girlfriend Because He Has PTSD From Killing That Kid That One Time


So remember how Brave Ground Standing Hero George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violencing his girlfriend? Of course you do, because it was just the other day, and even if you missed the headline, you are not the least bit surprised because that sure does sound like goofy ol' George, doesn't it?

Well, it turns out there is a perfectly logical explanation for why George had to break all his girlfriend's stuff and point his gun in her face and also choke her a week before that. It is The Media's fault, of course, for turning previously Real Nice Guy George Zimmerman into Still Real Nice Guy But With Issues George Zimmerman. Here, let Mr. Jack Cashill of World Net Daily (so you know it should be taken very seriously) explain:

“I’ve talked to his father and his brother and they said he’s just not the same person. I would say PTSD is probably a pretty good description of what’s going on,” Cashill told WND. “They took his job, took his marriage, the whole thing cost him tremendously and the media gloried in his screw-ups.”

Ever since George Zimmerman killed that kid and the whole world was SO MEAN about it, he has had The Stress and The Trauma. (As for killing Trayvon Martin, he's just fine about that.) That is the only reason why he can't seem to stop domestic violencing all the ladies in his life and breaking their stuff and also driving too fast. We are guessing Zimmerman's PTSD probably retroactively applies to that other time that other lady got a restraining order against him for, yup, domestic violencing her, way back in 2005, before he even got all stressed out because he killed a kid -- but let's skip that part, because that would lend credence to the theory that maybe George Zimmerman is, and always has been, an actual piece of shit and we certainly wouldn't want that.

So we're all very glad Cashill cleared that up for us. He is, after all, A Expert on how the world has been so mean to Zimmerman. He wrote a book about it, and no, we did not read it because we do not hate ourselves that much, but it seems to explain how it was actually the media and President Obama who killed Trayvon Martin or something. Be right back, going to vomit our brains out.

Okay, back. So, as Cashill says, shame on the government and the media for trying to ruin George Zimmerman's life by forcing him to continue doing awful things to people, which he has actually done his whole life but now there's a good reason:

Cashill said he believes the media and federal government’s relentless pursuit of Zimmerman drove the man to ruin his own life.

“Soon as the verdict came in, everything changed,” he said. “There’s a weekend of hubbub, but then they didn’t want to talk about it anymore. They didn’t want to revisit it because they know how guilty they are. His life is ruined by what they’ve done to him.”

So in conclusion, George Zimmerman is a victim, and we should all be very ashamed.

[Right Wing Watch]


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