Georgetown Has Money? We Should Pillage Georgetown

georgetownrebellion.jpgA band of roving progressive pirates have planned a series of events from today through Sunday to "confront Neoliberalism in Washington." Clearly displaced from all liberal contexts itself, this "October coalition" has the goal in mind of pissing off the IMF and World Bank as much as possible. This weekend's events will overlap with the IMF and World Bank's annual meetings, where officials will be devising evil Ponzi schemes to fuck over Uruguay, redefining foreign AIDS relief as "send rat poison to Africa" and championing usury over debt amnesty. The main event, "Disrupt Georgetown!" comes Friday, Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. (after the 5-7 p.m. "Snack" time). We're still not really sure what it is, but it looks like raping, pillaging and general marauding will be involved, money will die etc etc.

The October coalition's intentions haven't been defined much beyond, well, disrupting Georgetown!:

At this point, people are planning actions in and near the heart of the commercial area of Georgetown, but remember: creativity is a virtue. As we get closer to the event, we expect more groups to develop and, if appropriate, announce action plans, within the established framework.

Whatevs, we can roll with the punches, so long as we get to pillage Georgetown somehow! Oh, and minor question: Why are we attacking Georgetown? According to whichever wordsmith wrote this fantastic press release, it's because Georgetown is a "playground for the rich," the rich obviously being $43,000-salary research assistants at the IMF! Look at how these bloated Georgetown swine enjoy their "lives":

They will wine and dine in some of the most exclusive bars, hotels, and restaurants the world has to offer. They will schmooze with international delegates, roam District streets, and rest in the lap of luxury.

The coalition promises to bring their demands "to a place where they can't be ignored; to their exclusive bars, to their decadent restaurants, to their lavish yachts, and to their silk-lined bedsheets" (emphasis definitely ours). King Louis XVI will not see another sunrise!

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