Georgia Congressman Really Hates Florida's College Football Champs

'True story, and deliciously evil, don't you think? ' - WonketteIt was just another pointless roll-call vote to commemorate some national trivia -- in this case, "commending the University of Florida Gators for their victory in the 2006 Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and for winning the national college football championship."

Of the 415 representatives on hand to vote, 414 said YEA. The honorable Jack Kingston of Georgia's 1st district voted against it. Like the infamous Savannah art dealer in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Kingston just loves the Georgia Bulldogs. BREAKING UPDATE: It was what's his name, Kevin Spacey's lawyer, who owned the bulldog or something, even if that ruins our whole pointless insinuation that everybody who likes the Bulldogs is gay.

Says college football blog In The Bleachers: "Jack Kingston, whose website is designed in Bulldog red and white, could not let his personal feelings go for 15 seconds to honor 83 kids for a long, hard, season. Mind you he voted for a resolution FOR Boise State, passing 415-0, but could not bear to vote for the Gators."

We sort of admire his juvenile protest vote. Watch Kingston make Stephen Colbert uncomfortable in this video clip.

Yesterday's Idiot Of The Day [In the Bleachers]


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