Stop us if you've heard this one before: Juries from majority Black cities just can't be trusted to properly ignore the crimes of white racists, because they are BIASSSSSSSSS. No, not the white racists, the Black jurors. You hear it a lot from white racist conservatives about juries in Washington DC. You might specifically remember how Donald Trump RAAAAAAAAGED at the Black foreman of the Roger Stone jury, because she was a Black woman.

Well, we have a new story about that, except this time it's about grand juries, and it's about Atlanta instead of DC. It's still about Donald Trump, though. Rachel Maddow alerted us to this story on her teevee show last evening, now that Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia, DA Fani Willis has opened a criminal investigation into Trump's perfect call threatening Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that he better find 11,780 votes to overturn Joe Biden's win. The investigation includes that call and all Trump's other attempts to overturn the election in Georgia, likely also including possible fraud attempts by Trump's various Lindseys, we mean patsies. DA Willis said on Maddow last week that she's expecting to empanel a grand jury next month.

And Georgia Republican state senators just want to help! They have introduced a new resolution, Senate Resolution 100, which has 25 cosponsors, to amend the entire state constitution to say that when there are election crimes to be investigated, you must empanel a statewide grand jury. You know, because those Black folks in Fulton County, where DA Willis would empanel a grand jury, can't be trusted to say it was a PERFECT CALL!1!1!! Requiring a statewide grand jury would just increase the chances Trump would get a fair shake from the grand jury, because it would be a lot more like to have hoodless klansmen on it.

Of course, the text of the bill doesn't say that OUT LOUD:

(d) The Attorney General or his or her designee shall act as legal adviser to any state-wide grand jury. The Attorney General, in his or her discretion, may designate any member of his or her staff or any district attorney to provide legal advice, counsel, or assistance to a state-wide grand jury.

(e) The subject matter jurisdiction of state-wide grand juries shall extend to the investigation and indictment of persons or legal entities for any crime involving voting, elections, or a violation of the election laws of this state and all related crimes.

Oh, DA Willis wants a grand jury, does she? The attorney general would be happy to supervise that statewide grand jury! Don't worry, it's ONLY for election-related crimes! Why? No reason!

Say what you will about seditionist garbage human Republicans, but they sure are bold motherfuckers. And racist. And un-American. (Like we said, say what you will!)

Anthony Kreis, a law professor from Georgia State University, puts a fine point on it:

Now, Georgia state senate Republicans are not going to get a two-thirds majority to vote for this — as Law & Crime notes, four Democrats would have to be dumb enough not to see this for what it is — but even if they did, the voters would then have to affirm their decision. It's a constitutional amendment, after all. And all of that would take a big long-ass time to get done, much longer than "next month," when it's officially go-time for Fani Willis.

But oh MAN, are they panicked over DA Willis investigating their beloved Dear Leader for committing one of the crimes he was impeached for. Wonder why!

Luckily, Fani Willis clearly doesn't give a shit, which you saw if you saw her Maddow interview:

Good try, though, Georgia Republicans. Good try.


[Georgia Senate Resolution 100]

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