Georgia Gov. Candidate Produces 'Citizen Kane'-esque Technical Breakthrough Of Our Time


A Republican candidate for Georgia governor in 2010, John Oxendine,e-mailed political reporters about some epic YouPorn thing he had just shot, one that would destroy the Democratic candidate, former governor Roy Barnes, politically: "A campaign spokesman said the ad 'demonstrates John Oxendine’s commitment to using innovative, cutting-edge genre to communicate serious messages in creative mediums." He would reveal this monumental achievement at an event later Thursday night, according to the press release, "at an undisclosed laser-tag facility ... closed to the public. After viewing the commercial, the volunteers will enjoy pizza and laser-tag." Oh, we're so making you click the clicky for this one...

HAHAHAHAH. Well we could dissect this, or we could use the time to back up this video, because at some point today, someone in John Oxendine's campaign will realize, "Oh wait... Wait. Shit. We actually made this thing and invited people to watch it. That was a thing that we did. Wow. We really just should have done the opposite of that."

(Also, does anyone notice a disconnect between the narration and the events depicted from 1:43 to 1:52? Or from 0:00 to 3:52?)


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