Georgia Gov Sponsors State Rain Prayer

i will secretly pray for buddha. don't tell anyone.Did you know it hasn't rained in Georgia in, like, a million years? It's undergoing the biggest dry spell since prohibition, doggone it. And while most politicians offer practical solutions to major economy-crippling droughts -- usually public statements to the effect of "suck it up and go to law school, farmers!" -- Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is taking the more popular Jesus route to moisture. He has "called for Georgians to join in a prayer vigil on the steps of the state capitol, in the hopes that the heavens will unleash the rain." Be warned, Sonny! Jesus may only give you locusts or cicadas, which are far worse.

While rabid atheists, who are the second most annoying political bloc behind rabid theists, are planning to protest the intrusion of Church into precious State, they're completely ignoring the history at play here! As ABC News explains in its best 9th-grade science project tone, rain dances and other pagan rituals were not invented by Gov. Sonny Perdue:

Since the dawn of time, people have prayed for rain in some form -- from the tribes of Africa to American Indians. And where prayer fails, science sometimes pulls through.

Prayer never fails, you lunatic writer! Just look at how well things turned out for the tribes of Africa and American Indians.

Georgians Pray for Rain ... Literally [ABC News]


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