Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston Pretty Fed Up With This 'Research' From This 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention'


Why u doing that? Can eat?

In today's latest example of why primary elections mean that we can't have nice things, Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Waffle House) has decided that he is NOT losing his chance at Saxby Chambliss's Senate seat just because he once said that there might be a way for research to guide public policy as it relates to firearms, no sir!

Flashback to December 2012, following the CIA-Mossad false flag operation tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, when the 2014 midterms were but a twinkle in the eye of long-serving members of the House, like Jack Kingston, who has represented southeastern Jaw-juh since FOREVER 1993. Back then, Kingston said this:

less than a week after the Newtown shootings [...] [Kingston] told a local TV station that he wanted to see more research done to understand mass shootings. "Let's let the data lead rather than our political opinions."

Ah, but then B. Hussein Soetoro took time away from his busy schedule of Destroying Our Once Great Nation and agreed with Rep. Kingston! Obama slapped $10 million into his latest budget for additional research from the CDC, which is a slight improvement on the $0 CDC currently spends on gun violence research. And when Rep. Kingston -- who chairs the Appropriations Committee -- told his constituents, "I think we can find some common ground," Beltway centrist types got super-excited, because bipartisanship gives these people a chubby.

Sadly, Rep. Kingston finds his own self in a primary fight that's tighter'n a boll in a weevil (we are not cotton farmers, sue us*). How tight? Tight enough for Kingston to make an ad in which a fake Obama tells Kingston to not be so mean to Bamz all the time, THAT tight. And naturally, all that "common ground" Chairman Kingston had been hopeful to find has been tyranny'd away, right from under his feet.

In a statement to ProPublica, Kingston said he would oppose a proposal from President Obama for $10 million in CDC gun research funding. "The President's request to fund propaganda for his gun-grabbing initiatives through the CDC will not be included in the FY2015 appropriations bill," Kingston said.

This is the latest incision in the death-by-a-thousand-cuts facing Obama's extremely mild post-Newtown gun recommendations, which were all executive actions and not executive orders, but because it was Bamz, they were all obviously unconstitutional decrees, Q.E.D. And while Kingston enjoys an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association, he's not actually giving away high-powered rifles like one of his primary opponents. It's a game of inches, you know.

The important thing is that Congress will continue to not create legislation about firearms by using non-data, as the Founding Fathers intended. Kingston currently trails former Dollar General CEO David Perdue by five points in a five-way primary, and he's under attack by a pro-Perdue super PAC, so hey, why not deprive the American people of important public health information if it means you can finally get to that sweet, sweet Senate cloak room?


*Please do not sue us.


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